Bucket List – Things I want to do

Bucket List

When I started traveling, I was just amazed by the multitude of things I was able to do and see. As there are so many things, it is really hard to pin down all the activities and places. As every day things are getting added to my bucket list this list will never be complete.

The problem is:

What is the deadline to experience all these challenges and what to put on the bucket list?

Adding things to my bucket list was not an easy task. I definitely want to experience the path leading to the task. I have the goal to tick at least one thing off my bucket list every two years. For me, it must be a challenge to accomplish one simple „phrase“ and I don’t want to add just „See Rome“ or „Meet new people“ on my list because it is easily done or someone tells me „You have to see Rome!“. This list serves me as a primary decision helper to find out where to travel, what to see and are my long time goals, I can work, save money and time and travel for!

Bucket List „The Future“

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
― Ernest Hemingway

The Future? This list features all my real favorites. These are the things, I want to tick of one by one. I already started some years ago with my dreams and have been following my shadow and my items since then:

  1. Canoeing for some weeks with friends along a lonely river in Canada
  2. Skydive over an amazing landscape, preferably Grand Canyon – see Gleitschirmfliegen – Grenzenlose Freiheit
  3. Climb Mount Aconcagua in Argentina
  4. See Mount Everest (done) – see Hoher Besuch am Mount Everest
  5. Land one time in Lukla, Nepal
  6. Travel through the USA by Greyhound Bus (done)
  7. Learn fluent Spanish
  8. Have someone figure out where all my shadows where taken
  9. Cross the Sahara dessert on land
  10. Attend a Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
  11. Dive at an old wreck (done) – see Sugarwreck – Ein Wahnsinns Tauchgang
  12. Visit North Korea
  13. Take a cargo ship to cross a sea
  14. Travel of the beaten track in Africa (done) – see Bootsfahrt auf dem Kongo
  15. Wave at the astronaut at the Nazca Lines (done) – see Nazca-Linien: Astronaut auf Erden
  16. Visit the North or South Pole
  17. Meditate at an old monastery in Tibet
  18. Getting fascinated by auroras in the sky
  19. Chill at night under the trees of the Gardens by the bay in Singapore (done)
  20. Travel on all oceans
  21. Race the „Death Road“ on a bicycle in Bolivia (done)
  22. Help at an NGO project abroad – see Guinea: Schule fürs Leben

Bucket List „The Past“

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.
― Anita Desai

Fiesta de Chutillos in Potosi

Fiesta de Chutillos in Potosi

The Past? This is my famous category of things, I did not know or was not aware of before they happend to me. If I would have know these things, they would have ended up on my bucket list „The Future“ and some day I would have ticked them off. As they happend to me by coincidence and influenced me enormously, I want to share those moments with you as well:

  1. Dance at the Fiesta de Chutillos in Potosi, Bolivia
  2. Stroll through the streets of Lille, France during the Braderie
  3. Experience the clear star-spangled skies at night in the Andes

What are the things you would have put on your bucket list?

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