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It is a journey through an enormous country; a journey of 25 days and 2525km. „Crossing Congo“ tells the story from a moving perspective, even loaded with more emotions than all stories together. Fell the DRC coming to live for you!

My adventure begins along the border to Rwanda, climbing an active volcano and with a visit to the famous mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park. Continuing in Kisangani, the „touristy“ sights almost vanish and a historical-shaded drift on the Congo River begins. Following the call of the jungle, I leave the river and take a hard daytrip over the washed-away infrastructure of the north-western Congo. While a boat ride may take a couple of more days, maybe even weeks, I head to Mbandaka by plane before finishing the journey in Kinshasa, the shiny, even too shiny, capital of the DRC.

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Crossing Congo – Deutsch:

Teil 1 – Nyiragongo – Blick über den Kraterrand
Teil 2 – Berggorillas – Bewegende Begegnungen
Teil 3 – Bootsfahrt auf dem Kongo
Teil 4 – Nordkongo: Die Karawane zieht weiter
Teil 5 – Mbandaka und Kinshasa: Kongo zum Wohlfühlen

Crossing Congo – English:

Part 1 – Heartland
Part 2 – The East
Part 3 – Glowing Earth
Part 4 – Majestic Gorillas
Part 5 – The Flying Whistle
Part 6 – The Stream
Part 7 – Jungle Bumps
Part 8 – Equator Rocks
Part 9 – Capital Walks

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